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The Laboratoire Village Nomade is a place for artistic, cultural and social activities. We invite artists to live and work with us with the purpose of promoting creative exchange in a communitarian context.
These occasions are seen as cultural encounters through common and individual works.
The natural site of La Corbière offers a place for out of studio practice, an opportunity that encourages experimental research. The whole project functions fluidly as a nomadic village, changing constantly according to the projects and people participating. 

We invite international institutions and individual artists, supporting their artworks as well as producing our own works such as movies, installations, music, audio plays and photo-books. During the year we organize several art projects and public events to create a more direct and intimate exchange.

Ayako Mogi, Marion Neumann, Isamu Krieger and Werner Penzel form the jourparjour cie which is responsible for the place and all activities happening here.


7 Month Culture Lab

La Corbière consists of:

· 530 sq m living, working and dining area
· 2100sq m  forested park
· pastures vegetable and fruit gardens
· a forested Natural Reserve with beach-cottage and private beach
  accessable by stairway or boat

a place for the unknown

Putting ourselves into an unknown situation makes us fearful but it also gives us power. The Unknown stimulates our curiosity and encourages us to expand our experience of life. Nevertheless, we are frightened and cautious so we usually try and avoid any kind of unknown situation.

But if we just follow our accustomed plans and our own fixed rules we often miss many chances to feel the world’s reality. And so we become bored, or even sick in both mind and body. This seems to be a very common situation in our society.
But, in truth, even our everyday lives are full of the unknown.
All creatures live in this unknown mother ocean, so why should we not accept it for ourselves? Since there is no way out, we might as well be positive about it. But positive acceptance of the unknown takes energy and a strong mind. The human mind is a complex and chaotic ruin: full of cracked walls and heaps of dust. Cleaning up this house requires continuous practice.

Laboratoire village nomade is a place to think about our situation and engage in a dialogue: through art, by living in close contact with nature, by listening without preconceptions, by having a conversation with the unexpected, by accepting the differences between each individual and learning to take all this as an inspiration, by living together in a flexible way. There are many ways we can practice. We welcome people from all over the world to come to this meeting point and take part in this experiment.

We want to open our windows.

We all need a lot of fresh air.

Ayako Mogi

How to listen ?

Why do we strive for individuality and act as though we were independent when in truth we are all connected and interdependent?

How can we liberate contemporary art and life from being stuck between business, event and entertainment?

What does courage mean today?

What is human? What is possible?

Board of Organizers

jourparjour cie. >>

The Board of Organizers of Laboratiore Village Nomade is comprised of:

Ayako Mogi,
1969, photographer/filmmaker from Tokyo, Japan

Marion Neumann, 1977, filmmaker from Munich, Germany

Res Balzli, 1952, filmproducer and hotelier from Bulle, Switzerland

Isamu Krieger, 1974, artist from Geneva, Switzerland

Werner Penzel
, 1950 filmmaker from Munich, Germany

Ephemeral and Unique

A series of lucky events...

A  family of mongolian nomads lost a horse.
What bad luck!
Three days later it came back with a new friend, a wildhorse.
What luck!
The son tried to tame it and fell and broke a leg.
What bad luck!
Three days later the army arrived in the yurte. They recruited all the young men for war except those with a broken leg.
What luck!

A series of lucky events have paved the way for the Stiftung „Wunderland“/Fondation „Pays des Merveilles“ to acquire the property La Corbière on 01. 01 2006. A long series of less fortunate events led to the fact that the former country home of the Duchess of Pourtalès, then Horticultural School for well-off young ladies and later boarding school for young catholic men, remained empty for 10 years.
Could I allow a new chapter in the difficult history of this house to be written by allowing a permanent living quarters to be accomodated in these same walls? I believe a pause is necessary, so that a second chapter can be written in this place.

What is more fitting than Art? Art is to harness coincidence, to square the circle, or to put it simpler, to piss in the corner in a round room. This we could try! The fascination of this attempt,  la Corbiére village nomade, is its impermanence and its uniqueness. It combines the self-interest of those involved with the non-profit exchange with others from outside.

Res Balzli, Stiftung Wunderland/ Fondation Pays des Merveilles

as I see it:

One comes from somewhere and wants to go somewhere and one cannot hide the fact that the conditions in which one is  at the moment are confusing almost forest –like. One is lost, a feeling that is normal nowadays. One starts to look for a way out.

Now there is the possibility to look for the source, for one’s true self, for the point where one began to take the wrong track. The danger: one looses oneself backwards or inside.
Then there is the possiblity to march straight ahead to reach where one thought one belongs – growth, progress. The danger: one looses oneself forwards or outside.

The third possiblity : to settle down at the place where one is lost at the moment without caring about the source or the goal, to make a clearing. Clearing: the liveable temporary arrangement, living in aberrations, the triumph of beginning at the place, here and now, a free spot with a view to the heavens , surrounded by the forest of civilisation but which is kept at a distance.

The tranquility of keeping ones distance is based on the premise that history in general does not aim for any goal which will be reached in the imminent future. History is no journey which one takes like a train trip where one could miss the connection. History is always there, at every moment it is on target. And as far as the long-term plans and projects are concerned one must always be prepared that things will turn out differently than planned. In the undergrowth of stories there is no plan that can‘t be changed. History is the result of numerous single intentions which cross each other, twist around, and distract. Therefore one can only take action in a struggle with limited prospects, a mixture of coincidences, compromises, madness, cleverness and habit. Instead of making history, Mankind is tangled up in stories and reacts to them so that new stories emerge. History is a bundle of stories and therefore notoriously complicated. To make a clearing here means, finding ones own story within the mass of stories, holding on energetically and letting the threads weave in your consciousness so that one‘s own story will get entwined in the tangle of stories and vanish in the end.

In Safranski Klammer (aus „Wieviel Globalisierung verträgt der Mensch?“, erschienen im Hanser Verlag)

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