Marion Neumann was born in 1977 in Bavaria, Germany.
After graduating High School she was educated as a camera-operator at the Bavaria Film
Studios in Munich. Following her practical training of 4 years she studied since 2000 at the
Munich Film School - Documentary Film & Camera, realizing several documentary and
experimental movies.
In 2006 she became member of the “jourparjour cie”, working as an organizer, curator and
participating artist at Laboratoire Village Nomade, an international artist residency, that was
documented by her during 3 years. Since 2009 she finished her studies and continues to
work as a filmmaker and to organize cultural exchange projects.

Filmography 2000 – 2010 (selected works)
working as filmmaker/cinematographer/editor

« The other Autumn »
Pawel Siczek & Marion Neumann, 2003, doc. Film-Essay, 20min., colour,16mm, Poland
Festivals: International Documentary Film Festival Munich /
Cinéma du Réel, Centre Pompidou, Paris

« Himmelfilm »
with Jiska Rickels & Sane Kurz, 2003, doc. Film-Essay, 30 min., colour, 35mm, Israel
Dokumentar und Animationsfilm, KunstFilmBiennale Cologne /
Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest,
International Documentary Film Festival Munich

« Ma ngi fi – I am here »
with Lisa Reisch, 2005, Doku-Essay, 45min., colour, Super16, Senegal
Festivals: International Documentary Film Festival Munich / EthnoFilmfest Berlin

« Gehen oder Bleiben » (Go or Stay)
with Fatima Abdollahyan/R. Lettner, 2004, Dokumentary, 30min., colour, DV, Germany
Festivals: International Documentary Film Festival Munich

« When silence sings »
with Irina Goldstein, 2005, Doku, 90min., 2nd unit camera,
Digibeta/16mm, International, TV-Produktion Germany, Bayrischer Rundfunk

« Callshop »
with Eldar Grigorian, 2005, Essay, 45min., b/w, 16mm, Germany
Festivals: International Documentary FilmFestival Munich /
European ShortMovieBiennale Ludwigsburg / Intern. Filmfestival «Golden Apricot»,Jerewan 2007 / Intern. Doc-Festival « Message to Man » St.-Petersburg

« Lax Readings », editing with Cinenomad Filmproduction, 60min., b/w, 2006

« Neuland » (in Production, Release 2010/2011)
with Lisa Reisch, 90 min., Documentary, HDCAM, Syria