this moment is
not the same


this moment is not the same
a documentary film by Marion Neumann
98 min., color HDCam
Werner Penzel Filmproduktion & jourparjour company
supported by Balzli & Fahrer Filmproduktion GmbH and HFF München

world première at Visions du Réel, Nyon, Switzerland

european première at Crossing Europe film festival, Linz, Austria

Ecofilms, Rodos international film festival, Greece

Contentores P28 Festival, Lisbon, Portugal

Cinematheque, Tel Aviv, Israel

photo by Ayako Mogi

"this moment is not the same" gathers voices from all over the world
and explores the creative potential of human being.
Through frictions between art and daily life, humorous and contradictive moments appear,
describing through different points of view the unpredictable way of living
and working within the "jourparjour" community and their project "Laboratoire Village Nomade"
in Switzerland during three years.
While following the experiments in the house, the movie itself becomes an experiment
and shows the (serious and absurd) research of human being for freedom and fortune.

The tension between the moment and the money, between being and surviving,
between responsibility and amnesia, between not knowing and knowing — what you want,
why you want it, how to realize it, and how to let go of it.
And of course the burning question of how relevant 'art' is to anyone in the context of
culture as consumer madness. These seem to be some things that the movie is
concerned with. It made me reflect hard and in my current state, it woke me up
to some essentials that I was losing sight of.
(Fred Frith)


Directed, photographed and edited by Marion Neumann
Script by Laboratoire Village Nomade, Ayako Mogi, Werner Penzel and Marion Neumann
OriginalSound by Juliette Forster and Marion Neumann
Music Recordings by Misa Shimomura, Sudhu Tewari and MC Brzytwa
2nd Camera by Ayako Mogi
Sound-Mix by Max Rammler
Sound-Design by Christoph von Schönburg
Color-Correction by Christoph Walther
Titles by Zoé Bucher
Music by Fred Frith, Balts Nil, The Young Gods, Madame P. Misa Shimomura,
Barry Guy, Maya Homburger, MC Brzytwa, Sudhu Tewari and Kristoff.K.Roll

Production Werner Penzel Filmproduktion 2010 and jourparjour cie
supported by Balzli & Fahrer Filmproduktion GmbH and HFF München

contact: marion.neumann@jourparjour.net
curriculum vitae here






















































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