Another letter from Japan

Dear friends,
after days and weeks and months of being mainly occupied with hosting refugees
after the fukushima nuclear disaster and supporting the various initiatives of our friends
in the tohoku-area up north - our life has started to return step by step to our "normal" daily activities.
Once again a heartfelt "THANK YOU!" to all of our friends around the world that have donated and
supported and helped in such a generous way. Your compassion was very encouraging for us and
so many people here in Japan!
Meanwhile live-music events are happening again at "cafe nomad":
a young independent japanese pop-trio called "KLAMMBON" made everybody dance and sing,
the contemporary jazz-trio "ESPIRA & OTOMS" created a wonderful wide open space.
We also unpacked our movie-camera and sound-recorder again, to continue shooting for
our "MUTUAL CREATION TRILOGY", a series of three feature length-movies: "ichi nichi - beyond beyond"
about the daily life here on the island of Awajishima, "opening the hand of thought"
about the zen-monastery Antaiji and the thoughts and philosophies of Kodo Sawaki,
and "otto orabou" about a very special big-band, where so-called physically and mentally "handicapped"
play music together with so-called "normal" people, living together in a small village
near Kagoshima in the south of Japan.
Together with our new friends from the island and our old friends from "life & shelter" from tokyo
we finished building a tent in front of "cafe nomad", made entirely from local bamboo.
And we are happy to announce the opening of our interactive sound-installation "walking on sound"
on the 1st of October in the yurt here at NOMADOMURA.
Life goes on.
With our best wishes to all of the friends of "jourparjour compagnie" and "nomadomura"

Ayako Mogi & Werner Penzel


this moment is not the same
a documentary film by Marion Neumann
Werner Penzel Filmproduktion & jourparjour company

world première at Visions du Réel, Nyon, Switzerland

european première at Crossing Europe film festival, Linz, Austria

Ecofilms, Rodos international film festival, Greece

Contentores P28 Festival, Lisbon, Portugal

Cinematheque, Tel Aviv, Israel

« this moment is not the same » gathers voices from all over the world
and explores the creative potential of human being. Through frictions
between art and daily life, humorous and contradictive moments appear,
describing through different points of view the unpredictable way of living
and working within the "jourparjour" community and the project
"Laboratoire Village Nomade" in Switzerland during three years.
While following the process-oriented experiments in the house,
the movie itself becomes an experiment. Putting the focus on different
perceptions of the present moment, the movie shows the (serious and absurd)
research of human being for freedom and fortune.



laboratoire village nomade Japan
will be organized by Ayako Mogi, Misa Shimomura and Werner Penzel
with the help of our Japanese friends, hopefully opening its doors in spring 2010:
inspired and changed by the experience we lived together during
the last three years here at La Corbière - again on the country-side,
not by a lake, but close to the ocean, on the island named Awaji-shima,
off the coast of Kobe, close to Osaka and Kyoto.

please visit the website of nomadomura project in Japan:

laboratoire village nomade Switzerland
is represented by Marion Neumann & Isamu Krieger.
So far, there will be no place for residency in Switzerland anymore,
but a continuation of exchange with laboratoire village nomade Japan
and other collaborators to organize and support further activities
under the "global roof" of laboratoire village nomade.

please visit the website of individual art projects and upcoming events



Lazy Bone - experiment #1
an interactive video installation - random system and remote control
project by Isamu Krieger, Shlomit Lehavi and Marion Neumann

workshop with the students of the Tel Aviv Film school
supported by Shuka Glotman and Amos Dolev - Goethe Institute Tel Aviv, Israel

watch video here
watch photos here