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a filmmaking workshop

„HAIKU happens“ is a platform of filmmaking, a new and open Genre – inspired by the art of japanese Haiku-poetry :
Make a movie out of 3 images.

We – the jourparjour cie – invite you to take part on a five-day-workshop at „Laboratoire Village Nomade“, a cultural experiment, taking place in Estavayer-le-Lac (Switzerland).

(haiku happens)

Short note on a five-day-workshop

We often see or sense something that gives us a bit of joy, or a moment of pure sadness. Perhaps it is the funnies flapping in the breeze before a newsstand on a sunny spring day. Or some scent on the wind catches us as we step from the bus, or bend to lift the groceries from the car. Something tickles our ankle and, looking down to see what it is, we see more:

a baby crab
climbs up my leg –
such clear water

Or we are lying awake, alone with our thoughts, and as we turn to look at the clock

at midnight
a distant door
pulled shut

and we find ourselves more alone, because of the being on the other side of that door, than when we had no thoughts for others anywhere in the world.
The first of these two short poems was written about three hundred years ago by the Japanese poet Matsuo Basho. The second one is by a twentieth century poet, Ozaki Hosai. Both poems are haiku.

Jean-Luc Godard once said: „A movie consists of three parts: a beginning, a middle and an end – but not necessarily in that succession“.

Transfering the system of haiku-writing into movie-making might be the shortest (but not necessarily the easiest) way of making a movie: three shots in a line make one whole movie.
By practising haiku-movie-making we can find out and learn about the essentials of movie-making without getting locked up in too much theory, but rather learning by doing, discovering how to find the magic of a single moment and capture it at the same time with a running camera.
Not only accepting the unforeseen and unintentional but learning how to work with it by developing ways that allow chance and composition to work together in the editing-process too.

The five-day workshop will start in showing some of my work like „Step Across the Border“ , „Middle of the Moment“ and „Why should I buy a bed when all that I want is sleep“ - explaining background and working methods as well as showing examples from the work of other filmmakers that are fruitful within the context.
We will then start to shoot material for film-haikus and edit it.

It would be practical if every participant has her/his own videocamera and laptop-editing-facility, otherwise we have to take turns in using equipment that is already here – which is alright too, anybody who has no equipment on his own is welcome just the same and will have access to all facilities available.

After looking at what we have found and edited, we will discuss it together and out of this experience go for a second round. At the end every student (me too) will have one (ore more) haiku finished and we could present to ourselves and others a little DVD-edition „haiku happens“.

The workshop is also to be seen within the context of the „In 214 worlds around the day“ project that is taking place within the „laboratoire village nomade“ starting first of may and running for 214 days till the last day of november.

The „haiku happens“ DVD will be part of the collection of the works of a variety of contemparary artists invited to work here at La Corbière this year and might also become part of an exhibition or get integrated into a cinematographical work about the whole project.

Werner Penzel, La Corbière, Estavayer-le-Lac, 31 March 2006

Surrounded by a park with old trees, a fruit- and vegetable garden, a protected forest and a beach at Lac Neuchatel, we offer a 150-year-old house as a setting for Haiku-filmmaking.
Further we like to invite you showing and discussing your own filmwork and see this workshop as an encounter of a diverse and independent filmscene.

Timing Scedule: 5 Day Workshop (max. 12 Participants)
Location: Laboratoire Village Nomade
La Corbière 3, 1470 – Estavayer-le-Lac, Suisse
Filmmakers: Ayako Mogi, Werner Penzel, Marion Neumann
Language: English, French, German

Contact: info@jourparjour.net
Telephone: 0041 – (0)26 – 663 83 23


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