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(w)armes essen wunderbar - poor food wonderful


... In the sky bright and clear.
The forest, dark in silence,
and from the garden rises
the white sauce...

Artists are poor.
Artists are creative.
Artistes are voracious.

Rules of the game:
During the 214 days of activities in Laboratoire Village Nomade, all participating artists and guests are invited to invent a meal (and to cook it) for present inhabitants of the house. The food should be the cheapest possible in its production costs but also nutritive, delicious and maybe even full of fantasy. You give what you have, what you find in the garden or in the forest, as well as what you have to buy in the supermarket.
Out of the collected recipes, photographies and the comments of the eaters we will develope a book.

Limiting value per person:
CHF 5.- for a meal
CHF 6,50.- including starter or dessert
CHF 8.- including starter and dessert


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