projects 2009

After three years of artistic, cultural and social exchanges,
time has come to gather all the documentations which have been accumulated during that period.
From 2006 to 2008, more than 300 artists have produced and experimented artworks in this place.
The jourparjour company develops now different projects to harvest the outcome of
this collection.

For these reasons, laboratoire village nomade had no program of
workshops and public events during 2009.

Our main activities during 2009 were the following projects:


this moment is not the same
a documentary film by Marion Neumann
Werner Penzel Filmproduktion & jourparjour company

« this moment is not the same » gathers voices from all over the world
and explores the creative potential of human being. Through frictions
between art and daily life, humorous and contradictive moments appear,
describing through different points of view the unpredictable way of living
and working within the "jourparjour" community and the project
"Laboratoire Village Nomade" in Switzerland during three years.
While following the process-oriented experiments in the house,
the movie itself becomes an experiment. Putting the focus on different
perceptions of the present moment, the movie shows the (serious and absurd)
research of human being for freedom and fortune.

Seven Colors

a music CD by Misa Shimomura

In Japan, people have a word “Niji no nana iro”
that means "the seven colors of the rainbow".
Niji - rainbow - is often quoted as a symbol of hope.
This music is a reflection of my personal way of feeling each color.
At night the shadow of a tree is as dark as the light of the moon is bright.
link to misashimomura

Eternal Tour festival

radio village nomade broadcast at
6th of september, 2:00-3:00 am
a project curated by Marie Jeanson and Rudy Decelière
during the E.T festival in the County of Neuchâtel
link to Eternal Tour festival

Dream awake
a photobook by Ayako Mogi
link to Misako & Rosen gallery

radio village nomade
limited edition for a soundmix CD of 24 hours
an audio-piece curated by MaryClare Brzytwa and Sudhu Tewari
link to Radio Village Nomade

hör! spiel! art.mix

radio village nomade broadcast at Bavarian Radio 2 (BR 2)
Friday 24th of April at 20.30 pm
with Misa Shimomura, Fred Frith and many others
link to radio online

silent color silent voice
a documentary film by Ayako Mogi - 75min. 35mm

A documentary about the daily life of Akiko and Kinsei Ishigaki on the island of Iriomote
and their efforts to preserve the legacy of traditional weaving and dying using the gifts of nature.

21th Tokyo International Film Festival (Natural TIFF)

Visions du Réel, Festival International de cinéma 2009, Nyon
salle communale, Saturday 25th of April at 9.00 am

DOKFEST Munich, International Competition
Friday 8th of May 22:00 at Filmmuseum and Sunday 10th of May 14:00 at Atelier Cinema

link to silent voice LLP, Japanese production website