village nomade radio



kristin miltner

i began this piece after an agonizing chat about the years-ago-now companionship
that ended so badly. we were doing this friendship-salvaging over a chat client. ...why?
we ended it tired, and i sat in my house in my Oakland studio.
i sang some layers. a mournful yowl.

in the middle of recording it, i did a very quick filter sweep that went below 20 hertz
and sent a 0 in a way that made max balk and seize,
and you can see in the waveform when it happens...
the DC offset looks like an animal with its back arched.

i finished the thing while watching the satellite image of a storm front rolling into
my hometown, Omaha. a chat. watching a storm over the internet.

does that seem odd? pick up the phone, maybe? the piece is all voice. it's digital voices.

photo by kristin miltner