26.07.08 - Lore of Moments


A series of concerts over the course of the Laboratoire Village Nomade Membership weekend extravaganza with:

Fred Frith - guitar
Misa Shimomura - piano
Sudhu Tewari - homemade electronics
MaryClare Brzytwa - flute and electronics
Shirley Anne Hofmann - euphonium




Misa Shimomura:

solo piano #1

solo piano#2

st and mc

MaryClare Brzytwa & Sudhu Tewari:

Basement Duo #1

Basement Duo #2

mc and Fred

MaryClare Brzytwa & Fred Frith - Duo



Fred Frith solo


fred and misa

Misa Shimomura & Fred Frith - Duo


Fred and Sudhu

Sudhu Tewari & Fred Frith - Duo



Shirley Anne Hofmann- Euphonium Solo



MaryClare Brzytwa & Shirley Anne Hoffman - Duo

fred and shirley

All together!

Quintet #1

Quintet #2