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radio village nomade
  an audio play created during the 214 days of Laboratoire Village Nomade:

This audio project will take place over 7 months (May-Nov 2008) at La Corbière. 

Radio Village Nomade is an audio play we will broadcast via internet radio and FM transmission, day by day, for 214 days. Some parts of the audio play will also be broadcast by European public radio stations. 

The audio play will be created by invited artists in addition to internet contributions from artists and sound manipulators all over the world.

Radio Village Nomade is a virtual space created to hold the sound experiences of us all. 

The aim of this project is to cultivate works out of sounds which were designed without the intent to distinguish themselves from others, sounds that highlight the ever changing moments that make up our collective realities. 

Each day's piece will be a "window" into a life and sound world different than our own. 

Recognizing that global politics currently impose a climate of demarcation between peoples, our goal is to provide a context for creative cooperation that supersedes nationality and ethnicity and finds common ground in art. 

Radio Village Nomade is curated by MaryClare Brzytwa and Sudhu Tewari, musicians and sound artists from Oakland, California, both graduates of the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music, in Oakland, California. 

Invited sound artists/musicians, such as Misa Shimomura, Theresa Wong, Fred Frith, Kristoff.K.Roll, Balts Nill, and Young Gods will also work on the project. 

All other projects during the year will find also a platform through the independent radio station.


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In the end of November all the daily compositions will be woven into an audio-piece of exactly 24 hours to commemorate and document the 214 days of Laboratoire Village Nomade. 

email: info@jourparjour.net


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