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radio village nomade
  Call for Submission:

Laboratoire Village Nomade‘s auditory component, "Radio Village Nomade" is an broadcasting center of live performances, field recordings, and composed sound pieces. Radio Village Nomade is a virtual space created to hold the sound experiences of us all. The aim of this project is to cultivate works out of sounds which were designed without the intent to distinguish themselves from others, sounds that highlight the ever changing moments that make up our collective realities, windows into different sound worlds, actual or constructed.

The Radio Village Nomade website will feature a daily sound piece contributed by sound manipulators from around the world, starting on May 1st and running through November 30, 2008. Submissions will be posted in their entirety and incorporated into future broadcasts on European public radio and our local FM broadcast from La Corbiere.

The piece of the day is intended to be used interactively, downloaded and used as compositional material for further submissions.

Artists who submit pieces will be considered for a possible residency period in Switzerland to work with the sounds of daily life here at Village Nomade.

The 214 pieces we broadcast will be compiled into a 24 hour sound dvd, made to represent the permanently changing moment. This 24 hour sound piece will be installed as part of a larger musuem exhibit featuring other projects from Village Nomad.

All contributions are assumed to be open copyright and ownership of the resulting material is communally posessed by all artists contributing to the site. In the case that revenue should be generated, funds will be dispersed among the artists who have contributed.

Pieces should be no more than 7 minutes in length and not shorter than 7 seconds. All genres are welcome and will be listened to with care.

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In 2008, for the third consecutive year, the Laboratoire Village Nomade, located in the Villa La Corbière near Estavayer-le-Lac, will assemble a multicultural, multi-disciplinary community of artists and cultural producers, to explore the diversity and commonalities inherent in their creative pursuits. The objectives are as follows:

• Exchange, the cross-fertilization of ideas and inspirations
• Actualization, through performance, and the creation of new works
• Distribution, including a documentary film illustrating the LVN process.

Through performances, events and documentation, Laboratoire Village Nomade will attract a new regional and international audience to the art of creative interaction, and awaken a fresh awareness of its possibilities. Recognizing that global politics currently impose a climate of demarcation between peoples, our goal is to provide a context for creative cooperation that supersedes nationality and ethnicity and finds its common ground in art.

email: info@jourparjour.net


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